Radovednih 5

About the project


Radovednih 5 are highly interactive and media rich advanced sets of 5 e-texbooks per set for teaching and learning maths, slovene language, natural science&technics, music and society in the 4th and 5th grade of primary school. E-textbooks are supplemented by digital teacher material and are integrated in learning managment system. They were created in collaboration with 246 teachers, contents are didactically and visually coordinated and include 5 sympathic characters. Pages and contents are enriched with different interactive exercises, educational videos and photos, audio files, didactic animations, practical activites and toolbar and many other multimedia widgets. The complet for 5th grade contains upgraded player, which performs faster and more efficient.




Radovednih 5 enable faster and more efficient learning progress, better collaboration and knowledge upgrade among students and save lots of time to the teachers.
The set for 4th grade has been used by 5234 users and 147 schools in a school year 2014/2015 and this number has been increasing rapidly.
Set for 5th grade is new in school year 2015/2016 and expected to be used by more than 40% primary schools in Slovenia.